Modular exhibition stand

A modular exhibition stand offers endless possibilities for a varied construction of your exhibition stand. Modular set-ups are possible with many exhibition stands from our range. We present two particularly interesting modular exhibition stands that meet all the wishes of a trade fair exhibitor. On our large start picture you can see the LED stand ALU LightUp. This exhibition stand consists of different sized light walls that can be placed next to each other or connected "around the corner". In this way, three 1 m wide LED exhibition walls can be used to create a separate storage space. The LED back wall consists of 2 m wide walls that present a large-format image motif in the background. These large-format rear walls can also be placed "around the corner" and thus create a completely new impression of the exhibition stand. Particularly practical and interesting for self-assemblers is the child's play of transporting this modular exhibition stand. Each individual LED trade fair wall is stowed in its own small-format transport trolley, which even fits in the back seat of your car.

Have we made you curious? Then give us a call at 069-756080-84. We look forward to your project.

Modular exhibition stand: Videos of different system options

Example 1: luminous & modular

With our modular PIXLIP GO LED exhibition stand, you can set up your stand in many different combinations. PIXLIP GO LED exhibition walls are available in system widths of 1 m, 2 m and 3 m. All walls can be stably connected to each other and are still very easy to set up. If required, a 1 m module can be fitted with a floor glider and can thus be used as a door element.

Example 2: flexible & modular

The ISOframe Wave exhibition wall is the all-rounder among our modular exhibition stands. This exhibition system can be set up and bent in different shapes. In addition, it can be varied in width, depending on the stand area. You simply leave out a graphic track module or add accessory modules such as the monitor, shelf or table element.

LED exhibition stand

LED exhibition stands are ideal for modular use. We offer four different LED exhibition stand systems: ALU STAR, ALU LightUp, PIXLIP GO and GRID Lightbox. All of these systems are available in different wall formats, whereby the individual walls can be connected to form a modular exhibition stand. The LED trade fair wall that is best suited for self-assembly is ALU LightUp. This LED trade fair wall is available in widths of 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. With a maximum wall width of 200 cm, the 200x230 cm slide covering can still be installed by a single person.

System details

Here you can see the construction details of our LED exhibition stand ALU LightUp. The system structure consists of an 8 cm deep aluminium profile that is already equipped with LED modules on the top and bottom of the frame. For assembly, the aluminium profiles are plugged together without tools. The feet on the underside of the system are already pre-assembled and can simply be unscrewed. Your light frame is ready.

A slide print can be applied to both sides. We print on foldable textile material with a high stretch content, which is finished with a rubber lip all around. Around the frame profile, there is a recess into which the rubber piping of the textile print is inserted and thus stretched without wrinkles.

Set-up options

Using our ALU LightUp LED exhibition wall as an example, you can see how many modular construction options there are with this lighting system alone. A modular exhibition stand was particularly important to our customer, the Varisano Clinics. At congresses and events, there are always different stand areas available, so it must be possible to set up exhibition stands in different sizes and shapes with one and the same exhibition stand system. Below you can see some possibilities of how the illuminated walls can be combined with each other. The basic structure is created by the 2 m wide back walls. The 1 m wide ALU LightUp systems are matched to these and form either a storage space or side wings to the right and left of a large rear wall.

LED counters

LED counters are the perfect complement to our modular exhibition stands. Illuminated counters cannot be overlooked and are real eye-catchers at trade fairs and events. In our programme, we offer both mobile light counters such as ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX as well as particularly stable LED trade fair counters such as the OCTAlumina standing table and the OCTAlumina LED counter. Feel free to ask us which LED counter model best suits your requirements.

Of course, all of our LED counters can also be placed as a stand-alone solution at a trade fair. However, a special eye-catcher is created when several LED counters are placed next to each other.

Flexible exhibition stand

Our multi-talented ISOframe Wave exhibition stand opens up completely new possibilities for the design of your exhibition stand.

The special feature of the modular ISOframe Wave exhibition stand is the patented "Flexi-Link" connecting element. This link allows the exhibition wall to be bent into any desired shape.


Assembly & transport

The ISOframe Wave exhibition wall is the perfect example of how easy it is to set up a modular exhibition stand. First, the base plates of the exhibition system are laid out on the stand in the shape that the rear wall is to have later. This can be straight, curved, circular or wave-shaped.

Now the aluminium profiles, which are equipped with magnets, are placed on the feet and connected by the "Flexi-Links". Further profiles are then attached until the desired height of the exhibition system is reached. The 80 cm wide graphic panels with magnetic backs are then attached to the finished structure. Dismantling the ISOframe exhibition wall is also a breeze. Suitable transport bags with rollers are available for all profiles used. Sturdy transport cases in various sizes are available for safe transport of the graphic panels.


Another reason why the ISOframe Wave exhibition wall is a perfect example of a modular exhibition stand is the many system modules that ISOframe Wave has. The wide range of accessory modules includes a showcase module, monitor holder module, shelf module, table module, keyboard module, bridge module, door module and storage module. Depending on how you want your modular exhibition stand to be equipped, simply insert the appropriate module.

Brand new are the powerful LED modules that can be integrated into the modular exhibition stand in various different sizes!

Exhibition floor

To match our modular exhibition stands, we also offer various exhibition floors that are mobile to transport and can be laid out quickly and easily. If you want to use a modular LED exhibition stand, you should think about using an exhibition floor as well. This way, electricity can be laid across the stand without any cables getting in the way. Here we show the exhibition floors that come into question for this.


OCTAclassic is a stable and height-adjustable exhibition floor made of wood + recycled plastic. OCTAclassic is particularly stable and offers a load capacity of up to 750 kg/m². Nevertheless, OCTAclassic can be laid out quickly and comfortably. There are various panel sizes available: 99.8 x 99.8 cm, 99.8 x 49.8 cm and 49.8 x 49.8 cm. The panels are equipped with adjustable feet to compensate for an uneven exhibition floor. The exhibition floor weighs 10.8 kg per m².

OCTAeco floor

OCTAeco floor is a particularly innovative exhibition floor made of 100% recycled plastic. It can be laid out ready for use within a short time and can withstand both humidity and temperature fluctuations. The exhibition floor is easy to assemble, even for inexperienced exhibitors. OCTAeco consists of standardised panels in a 50 x 50 cm format. Despite the low installation height of OCTAeco floor and its low dead weight, this trade fair floor has a very high load-bearing capacity.

Have we aroused your interest in one of our exhibition floors? Then you will find further details and information in our brochure. The PDF is available by clicking on the image.



Throughout Germany, we have designed and implemented modular exhibition stands for many different clients. Below you can see pictures of some successfully produced exhibition stands.

A particularly representative project is the modular LED exhibition stand we created for TH Wildau. This exhibition stand consists of 3 LED walls 1x2.5 m, 3 LED walls 1x2 m and 2 LED walls 2x2.5 m in size. Depending on how the LED screens are combined, a new exhibition stand impression is always created. For exhibition applications where a smaller stand area is available, simply set up fewer LED walls or, instead of a normal RollUp, use only a single 1 m wide light system. Here you can find many more pictures of the TH Wildau exhibition stand.

You can see a completely different modular exhibition stand at SoftwareONE. Here, the flexible ISOframe Wave exhibition system is used, with which your exhibition stand can be set up in many different shapes (straight, curved, wave-shaped). In addition, ISOframe Wave has a wide range of add-on modules, which we have already presented above in our "Flexible exhibition stand" section.


Micrel Medical Devices GmbH

Modular LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR

Stadtwerke Passau

Modular exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

TH Wildau

Modular LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO

Bickhardt Bau AG

Modular LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

SoftwareONE Deutschland GmbH

Modular exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave 

KRAIBURG Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Modular LED exhibition stand: OCTAlumina


Modular LED exhibition stand: ALU STAR 

Fraport AG

Modular LED exhibition stand: PIXLIP GO


Modular exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

Wickelkinder GmbH

Modular exhibition stand: ISOframe Wave

KURO Kunststoffe GmbH

Modular LED exhibition stand: ALU LightUp

ocean pharma GmbH

Modular exhibition stand: OCTAlumina + OCTAwall

Our service at a glance:

Consultation & planning

We take the time to advise you individually and comprehensively on the planning of your modular exhibition stand and to agree a suitable cost framework with you. We will also be happy to create a 3D visualisation so that you can imagine what your stand might look like later. Of course, we also support you in communicating with the trade fair organiser and take care of all technical and logistical orders related to your trade fair stand. For more detailed information, a personal customer advisor is available for you at Tel. 069-7560800. So don't hesitate to contact us.


With a wide range of exhibition stands, exhibition walls, illuminated walls, counters and RollUps, our showroom in Frankfurt has a lot to offer. Experience it for yourself and arrange a personal consultation with one of our customer advisors. On site, you can take a close "look" at all the exhibition systems that come into question for your company and see for yourself how much space a modular exhibition stand takes up. Of course, you can also travel with your entire sales team and we will train your team on how to set up and dismantle the exhibition stand you have selected.


It is important to us to use resources prudently and sparingly. For this reason, we mainly use reusable materials and construction materials in our production and work with environmentally friendly inks, papers, textiles, banner materials and foils on our printing machines. We also strive to improve our eco-balance on a small scale: for example, we almost exclusively use transport packaging that can be reused, have a low-emission fleet of vehicles and correspond with our customers exclusively on paperless.


With us, you are in the best hands when it comes to the graphic implementation of your advertising message and the effective presentation of your company. We make sure that we design your trade fair architecture to correspond with your corporate identity. Our dedicated graphics team develops different layouts, designs the individual presentation of your trade fair stand with image and text messages and coordinates these with you. Subsequently, a final artwork of the print data is created. Of course, the graphics can also be transferred into a 3D visualisation, which clearly shows how expressively the graphic covering presents the contents of your company.


No matter which modular exhibition stand you choose - we select the right printing process and ensure a brilliant print result. Our innovative machinery is perfectly equipped for the production of impressive diabes for LED trade fair stands, large-format textile coverings for trade fair walls and backgrounds, effective advertising lettering, film coverings as well as trade fair systems, displays and all types of advertising stands. We can achieve special effects with our UV printer, which can print directly on acrylic, wood, textured, metal, concrete and glass panels, making it an eye-catching addition to your trade fair graphics.


Since you have made an investment with the purchase of your exhibition stand, we recommend professional logistics and storage of your system technology. If you entrust us with the storage of your exhibition stand equipment, we will pack and store it securely in our modern storage area and provide you with your exhibition stand and the associated furnishings on demand. You are welcome to book our assembly team for the assembly and dismantling of your exhibition stand. Once the trade fair is over, we check the entire system technology for functionality and damage. Only then will the stand be put back into storage. This means that nothing stands in the way of a new "just-in-time" deployment.


This is us.


Since 1964, MARTINCOLOR has stood for innovation and individuality, for reliability and quality as well as for many years of experience and trust in the field of trade fair and exhibition technology. From our location in Frankfurt am Main, in the middle of Germany, we serve our customers throughout Europe.


We plan, design, produce and build your modular exhibition stand from the idea to the implementation. Our core competence lies in the large selection of modular exhibition stand solutions, which can be examined and tested for functionality in our showroom.

In our in-house print shop, we produce large-format textile coverings, illuminated slide prints, flags, foils, banners and plate prints for you.

In addition, the entire finishing process is carried out in our exhibition workshop and sewing department.

This means that you receive all services "around" your exhibition stand from a single source!


Hundreds of customers realise their modular exhibition stands with us every year - and a large number of them are regular customers. Our customers come from a wide variety of sectors. From craftsmen to medium-sized companies to listed global players - the companies appreciate our comprehensive and competent advice, our prompt processing of orders and our high-quality products.


With all innovations, the topic of sustainability is at the top of our "to do" list. For about 5 years, we have been pursuing the goal of achieving more with less. We have taken measures to save electricity and energy in our factory and production facilities, recycle building materials where possible and use environmentally friendly consumables. We constantly strive to use the earth's resources sparingly.



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