The exhibition stand that adapts modularly to your needs

All LED exhibition systems from our program are modular exhibition stands. Our three bestsellers are the illuminated walls ALU STAR, ALU LightUp and PIXLIP GO, the structure of which we show in video example 1 below. In the LED exhibition stand in the photos below this text, you can see our self-assembly illuminated wall ALU LightUp, which is perfect for exhibitors who are inexperienced in setting up and dismantling exhibition walls. With this illuminated wall system, a modular construction of your exhibition stand is also child's play.

We show another modular exhibition stand in the video in example 2. The ISOframe Wave exhibition wall is bendable due to the integrated Flexi-Link connections and can therefore be individually adapted to any exhibition stand requirement and expanded to include a wide range of accessories.

Modular exhibition stand: Videos of different system options

Example 1: luminous & modular

With our modular PIXLIP GO LED exhibition stand, you can set up your stand in many different combinations. PIXLIP GO LED exhibition walls are available in system widths of 1 m, 2 m and 3 m. All walls can be stably connected to each other and are still very easy to set up. If required, a 1 m module can be fitted with a floor glider and can thus be used as a door element.

Example 2: flexible & modular

The ISOframe Wave exhibition wall is the all-rounder among our modular exhibition stands. This exhibition system can be set up and bent in different shapes. In addition, it can be varied in width, depending on the stand area. You simply leave out a graphic track module or add accessory modules such as the monitor, shelf or table element.