LED exhibition stand

LED exhibition stands are ideal for modular use. We offer four different LED exhibition stand systems: ALU STAR, ALU LightUp, PIXLIP GO and GRID Lightbox. All of these systems are available in different wall formats, whereby the individual walls can be connected to form a modular exhibition stand. The LED trade fair wall that is best suited for self-assembly is ALU LightUp. This LED trade fair wall is available in widths of 85 cm, 100 cm and 200 cm. With a maximum wall width of 200 cm, the 200x230 cm slide covering can still be installed by a single person.

How illuminated walls are constructed

Here you can see the construction details of our LED exhibition stand ALU LightUp. The system structure consists of an 8 cm deep aluminium profile that is already equipped with LED modules on the top and bottom of the frame. For assembly, the aluminium profiles are plugged together without tools. The feet on the underside of the system are already pre-assembled and can simply be unscrewed. Your light frame is ready.

A slide print can be applied to both sides. We print on foldable textile material with a high stretch content, which is finished with a rubber lip all around. Around the frame profile, there is a recess into which the rubber piping of the textile print is inserted and thus stretched without wrinkles.

One exhibition stand – many construction variants

Using our ALU LightUp LED exhibition wall as an example, you can see how many modular construction options there are with this lighting system alone. A modular exhibition stand was particularly important to our customer, the Varisano Clinics. At congresses and events, there are always different stand areas available, so it must be possible to set up exhibition stands in different sizes and shapes with one and the same exhibition stand system. Below you can see some possibilities of how the illuminated walls can be combined with each other. The basic structure is created by the 2 m wide back walls. The 1 m wide ALU LightUp systems are matched to these and form either a storage space or side wings to the right and left of a large rear wall.

LED counters complete your exhibition stand

LED counters are the perfect complement to our modular exhibition stands. Illuminated counters cannot be overlooked and are real eye-catchers at trade fairs and events. In our programme, we offer both mobile light counters such as ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX as well as particularly stable LED trade fair counters such as the OCTAlumina standing table and the OCTAlumina LED counter. Feel free to ask us which LED counter model best suits your requirements.

Of course, all of our LED counters can also be placed as a stand-alone solution at a trade fair. However, a special eye-catcher is created when several LED counters are placed next to each other.